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Adrienna Zsakay

Principal Consultant

Circular Economy

Adrienna Zsakay become interested in the design, efficiencies and convenience of recycling collection systems, within the Asian context, when she moved to Thailand after living in South Korea for several years. What started as a serious hobby morphed into a full-time role after she was introduced to the Circular Economy and its values and principles.

Adrienna has been consulting on and implemented circular economy programmes and projects in the Asian region for the last several years.  In 2018, she completed the book "The Nine Steps Towards a Circular Business" and continues to run workshops aimed at transitioning businesses to circular economy values and principles.  


As the Principal Circular Economy Consultant in SYRS, her responsibilities include business development, workshop facilitation and stakeholder engagement.   

An alumni of The University of Western Australia and Michigan State University, Adrienna is also the Executive Director of Circular Economy Asia Ltd and has spent many years working across Asia, including in Malaysia, India, Korea and Thailand.

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