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Company Overview

SYR Solutions is a boutique consultancy firm that delivers a full suite of sustainable solutions for those looking to embark on or further your sustainability journey.  

We often serve as the extended arm of organisations' Sustainability Office - from ensuring compliance through innovation to a value-driven economy by advancing responsible business practices and sustainable performance.


Our Mission

To inspire the science of sustainability into action 

Our Mantra

Do good do well

Our Logo

Our logo expresses SYRS' commitment to guiding sustainable transformations. 

a. Pie Chart:

  • The use of the pie chart in our logo highlights how SYRS is data and research driven, and evidence based.  We are focused on mapping workable plans for transformation.

  • Many parts, one whole. The pie chart also suggests a coming together of different parts – a reference to how change comes from multiple sources. The full pie suggests a wholeness, and our planet Earth.

b. Bloom:

  • The adjustment of quadrant sizes allows for a highly abstract icon of a flower in bloom – a hint at a brighter, greener future.

c. A hint at the initials:

SYR hint.png
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