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There is growing pressure on manufacturers to produce and consumers to purchase sustainable products. The benefits in sustaining resources, reducing energy consumption, minimising environmental damage and waste requirements are well established.

Sustainable Product Innovation (SPI) enables product development teams to consider alternative materials, processes, sourcing, marketing, and other aspects of a product which can result in decreased environmental impacts throughout the product’s cradle-to-grave life. SYRS's SPI methodology is a set of tools and strategies that embraces cradle-to-cradle mindset that integrates seamlessly into a company’s existing New Product Development process.

We work with your existing new product development process to create an SPI process that integrates key activities, resources and indicators at each development stage, customised for your organisation's unique needs. These SPI activities will provide key sustainability information to your development team, enabling design decisions to improve the environmental, social and economic sustainability of your product from its inception.  

Launching your new product will be final important step in the SPI process.  We will work with you to demonstrate the product viability, as well as decide when, how and where to launch your product. 


  • Sustainable Product Innovation methodology

  • New Product Development Strategy

  • New Product Concept Development & Screening

  • Business Analysis of New Product

  • Pilot Product & Market Testing

  • Launching and Commercialisation New Product

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